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On-Site Medicare inspection – Pasadena, CA

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 4th, 2013

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What did the inspector focus on? Infection control first. Infection cheap MLB jerseys prevention second. Infection control third.

Inspector talked about the fact that identifying tape on instruments was not allowed per AORN. In fact, AORN says it’s perfectly fine per 2009 guidelines. Know your “nationally recognized cheap jerseys guidelines and standards” or know where to find them quickly! Then you can beat back the uninformed inspector!

Inspector said we needed to find the manufacturer’s recommendation that allowed double packaging (peel packs) for instruments. He said AAMI/ANSI didn’t allow this. Bullpucky! The instrument tech spent over an hour on the phone tracking down the manufacturer (It turns out the company label on the peel pack was just a “brand” and they were manufactured by a no-name company that private labeled the packs for these people. So, the hour on the phone led to NOTHING!!!) and wound up with nothing. In fact, the AORN provides simple guidelines to follow which allow the double packing of instruments. They are: 1) use a smaller pack inside a larger pack; 2) don’t fold either pack; 3) do not seal the inner pack (!).

Inspector, like many recently, wants temperature and humidity monitored wherever sterile packs are stored. Yes, this means another log. This includes sterile storage areas wholesale NFL jerseys and sterilization areas. The AORN provides guidelines for both temperature and humidity for these areas, just like for the OR. This is interview becoming a common requirement lately. Standards are constantly being monitored differently and this is just Скидка one more example. The guideline has been around for some time but surveyors have not been cheap MLB jerseys enforcing it. Now they are. You may find out that your sterilization area is too hot and too humid and you need more ventilation.

Inspector said – rightly so – that all hinged instruments must be open when being sterilized.

More sterilization – put covers on sharp instruments to prevent puncturing the pouches.

The Inspector noted that the larger ortho cases included general anesthesia AND regional anesthesia and that the consents did not reflect this. Nitpicky, but true. So, check that additional box for lui those cases that MAY include regional anesthesia.

And with every survey I’ve ever been in, be careful with your forms. The anesthesia group insisted on bringing their paperwork which included tourniquet times. The nurses already document this and the anesthesia providers left this blank. If you have a box, FILL IT OUT!!