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Advantage provides dreamstime l 35728266 - Managementprofessional management services that allow surgery centers to benefit from the vast experience of Advantage’s principals. Advantage principals have worked as Administrators, Director of Nursing, OR Supervisor, Regional Vice President and other managerial positions. Advantage has managed seven surgery centers across four states (California, Nevada, New Jersey, New York). We believe that paying attention to details can make the difference between making a profit and just getting by. Objective evaluation of equipment needs and analysis of costs per case for supplies and personnel help leaders make informed decisions that can positively impact their surgery center. Our management duties include:

Providing An Overall Supervisory Role

Advantage is responsible for the supervision and coordination of all ongoing day to day activities within the Center and supervise administrative support for the operation of the Center. Advantage shall designate an individual to undertake the lead role in carrying out Advantage’s obligations under this Agreement (the Management Supervisor). The Management Supervisor will be on-site at least 4 days per month. Initial management activities will, most likely, require more on-site work if it’s a new facility.

>dreamstime l 25349377 - ManagementThe supervisory role includes:


Management Supervisor and Client’s accounting firm shall develop and review Client’s annual and monthly budgets, performance goals, and objectives.

Financial Review

On at least a monthly basis, Advantage shall review the Center’s utilization and financial data, with respect to such information as expenses, revenues, contractual allowances, discounts and profits and shall recommend appropriate courses of action to improve Client’s financial performance. Advantage shall also work with Client’s accountant in the preparation of the quarterly financial statements, if requested.

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Personnel Matters

Advantage shall consult with the Client regarding staffing matters and disputes, and shall make recommendations to Client concerning such matters. Advantage shall oversee the recruitment, hiring, orientation and discharging of Center employees; however, Advantage shall not have any authority to hire, discipline or discharge any Client or Center employees without consent of the Client. Advantage shall oversee the management of all personnel payroll services including review of compensation and benefits packages.

Review of Facility Fees

Advantage shall consult with the Client on a semi-annual basis regarding the Center’s facility fees and shall, as indicated, make recommendations concerning appropriate adjustments of such fees.

Monitoring of Billing and Collection Activities

dreamstime l 40274910 - ManagementAdvantage shall review the Center’s billing and collections reports on a monthly basis and shall make appropriate recommendations concerning indicated changes in billing and collections procedures and/or efforts. Advantage may make recommendations regarding implementation of appropriate policies and procedures and orientation of appropriate staff and ancillary personnel to these policies.

Negotiations with Third-Party Payors

Advantage shall oversee efforts to negotiate fees and other contractual arrangements between Client and third-party healthcare facility payors and employers with respect to outpatient surgery services performed at the Center. Such activities shall relate to traditional fee-for-service arrangements, as well as to arrangements involving alternate delivery systems, such as PPOs and HMOs in addition to working with large local employers.

Marketing and Public Relations Activities

In consultation with the Client, Advantage shall work to have other surgeons utilize the Center. This will include telephone, fax and personal contact with area physicians. In addition, Advantage shall develop recommendations concerning: (1) the expansion of the scope of outpatient surgery services provided by the Center; and (2) the promotion of the Center and its services.

Regulatory Monitoring

Advantage shall inform the Client concerning changes in the regulatory environment relating to ambulatory surgery centers. Additionally, Advantage shall interface with Client’s legal counsel and Client’s other advisors with respect to maintaining appropriate accreditation/certification status for the Center. Advantage shall also oversee all accreditation and certification activities within the Center and orient staff with regard to accreditation standards.

Updating of Manuals, Procedures, and Protocols

dreamstime l 39360108 - ManagementAdvantage shall, as appropriate, make revisions to update the Center’s protocols, procedures, and operational manuals.

Reports to Client

Advantage shall submit quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to Client concerning the financial and operational status of the Center.

Refinement of Business Systems

Advantage shall review existing systems for all business activities including collection of fees (co-pays, deductibles) and bookkeeping systems as well as develop policies and procedures for these activities and orient staff to these policies. If requested, Advantage shall assist in overseeing the monitoring of bank accounts.

Management of Fixed and Non-Fixed Equipment

Advantage shall supervise on-going management of office and medical equipment and supplies including cleaning, maintenance, ordering and purchasing of said equipment and supplies.

Quality Improvement and Risk Management

Advantage shall coordinate, as a member of the QI Committee, all QAPI and Risk Management activities including, but not limited to organization and direction of QI Committee meetings, minutes, credentialing of physicians and non-physicians, coordination of QI studies and benchmarking, review of potential and current litigation and maintenance of all appropriate insurance coverages such as liability insurance, workers’ compensation and disability. Advantage will be present at quarterly QI Committee meetings and Board meetings, when requested, possible and appropriate. The Management Supervisor will be present for special, unscheduled meetings when appropriate.