Ongoing Maintenance

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Ongoing “maintenance” dreamstime l 35728266 - Ongoing Maintenanceis the Advantage service that was developed in response to client’s requests. The burden of meeting state, federal and accreditation requirements does not stop after the initial survey. On-site accreditation surveys occur, at a minimum, every three years and continued compliance is required – not just before the survey. Avoid the common pre-survey panic immediately prior to the on-site survey and utilize the “maintenance” services offered by Advantage. Different levels of services (e.g., reviewing versus assisting in preparation of documents) are available along with varying frequency of visits (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually). Here is a sampling of the services included in our maintenance program:

  • Review facility logs
  • Provide a list of topics and referral list for Inservice program
  • Review minutes of staff and committee meetings
  • Assist with completion of all paperwork including individual consultation with appropriate personnel
  • Provide facility specific agendas for periodic meetings
  • Attend and conduct periodic meetings & prepare minutes (QI, staff)
  • Conduct chart/medical records review and provide recommendations
  • Meet with Administrator and/or Medical Director on Risk Management issues
  • Review/assist with Quality Improvement Program tasks (studies, minutes, chart review)
  • Monitor/conduct/report quarterly tasks such as drills and Inservices
  • Create data collection forms to assist staff members in completing ongoing Q/I studies, benchmarking and related activities such as indicator trending
  • Create data collection forms to assist staff members in completing ongoing infection control activities
  • Assist in obtaining outside services as needed
  • Provide written report providing an evaluation of activities and a list tasks to complete for the upcoming period.