Service Comparison

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Our “standard” package for accreditation and certification is a subset of the services listed in the Turnkey option. Below is a comparison of the two services.

Pre-Development ActivitiesFull Service/TurnkeyRegular
Perform as Project Manager responsible for all activities relating to the preparation of the Center for operation, Medicare certification and accreditation. Be the “go to” person.IncludedPerformed by lead physician or designee
Make recommendations for selection of an architect and general contractorIncludedIncluded
Make recommendations for selection of an appropriate site including review of existing conditions (e.g., fire rating of building, parking allowances, city variances)IncludedIncluded in limited form
Assist in the preparation of the surgery center space plan with the approved architect to ensure complete compliance with all applicable regulations created by the agencies which will survey the facility. Submit the plan to the appropriate authorities for review prior to construction commencing, if appropriateIncludedIncluded
Creation of a complete business plan/feasibility study to determine if the project is viable or to provide to prospective investors and potential lenders. Activities include interviews with prospective physician investors and users, preparation of a project timeline, site analysis, space requirements, and recommendations for legal structure.IncludedNot included
Prepare construction specifics for the surgical facility including specifications to the architect and engineers indicating ceiling finishes, wall finishes, flooring finishes, HVAC requirements, location of Life Safety Code devices, types of doors required, etc.IncludedLimited – rely on engineers primarily to know what the codes are and design appropriately
Prepare equipment specifications and cut sheets for the surgical facility for the architect and engineers of all equipment to be utilized and indicate placement/orientation in each room as well as identifying which equipment is to be wired to emergency power including amperage/voltage needsIncludedNot Included – rely on physicians and engineers to work together
Development Responsibilities and Tasks
Perform on-site visits to the construction site during development, meeting with the general contractor and architect to assist in the prompt and complete performance of workAt least semi-monthly visits to the site to meet with architect, engineers, contractor and sub-contractors to troubleshoot and answer questions as they ariseTwo visits during construction
Arrange, organize and attend periodic meetings of the designated Steering Committee, or similar while providing minutes of meeting to participants and chosen representativesIncludedNot included
Equipment planning and acquisition, including:
Prepare an equipment budgetIncludedNot included
Preparing sample/projected list of necessary/required equipmentIncludedIncluded
Arrange presentations by equipment purveyors when appropriateIncludedNot included
Obtain bids, compare bids, make recommendationsIncludedNot included
Prepare Purchase Orders to purveyors for signature of ownerIncludedNot included
Submit Purchase Orders and ensure receiptIncludedNot included
Arrange Inservices for equipment purchasedIncludedIncluded