Jessica Ulloa

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Jessica Ulloa - Jessica Ulloa

Jessica has been with Advantage Healthcare Systems for three years and, during that time, has taken the lead position for the on-site accreditation and Medicare certification inspections for Advantage clients. Through this, she has gained valuable experience and insight on all aspects of accreditation and certification, from the initial application to the final survey.

Prior to joining Advantage, Jessica worked for five years in ambulatory surgery centers. Her experience brings an awareness of the day-to-day workload in surgery centers that transfers to how she communicates with surgery center staff. She knows that compliance is not on the top of everyone’s list of priorities and educates clients to adopt and embrace a time-saving approach to staying current with all the accreditation and certification guidelines.

Jessica has invaluable experience gained from her working knowledge of surgery center activities and her attendance at many accreditation and Medicare certification inspections performed by every accreditation agency and the California and Nevada Department of Public Health. Her experience and knowledge are available for all Advantage clients to ensure that each of our clients is aware of what the regulators are looking for.